Introducing the Cast of
By Joseph Kesselring

Abby Brewster:
Lorna Nogueira

Martha Brewster: Dawn Anderson

Mortimer Brewster: Rob Murphy

Elaine Harper: Katie Killourhy

Teddy Brewster: Jim Parr

Jonathan Brewster: Chris Erath

Dr. Eistein: Larry Loring

Officer O'Hara: Andy Bairley

The Rev. Dr. Harper: Gene Houk

Officer Brophy: Colleen Locke

Officer Klein: Emery Lawrence

Lieutenant Roony: Doug Hardy

Mr. Witherspoon: Justin Finlayson

Mr. Gibbs: Arnie Pollinger

Directed by Julie Murphy

Performance Dates:
April 27, April 28, May 3, May 4, May 5

Holliston Town Hall
703 Washington Street, Holliston, MA