Character Descriptions:

Abby Brewster:
A sweet elderly woman with Victorian charm who poisons elderly men. Abby is the sister of Martha and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathan, and Mortimer.

Martha Brewster: Also a darling elderly lady who poisons elderly men. Martha is the sister of Abby and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathan, and Mortimer.

Mortimer Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha, Mortimer is a drama critic. A good-hearted cynic, he is engaged to Elaine. Mortimer cares for his aunts, but his world is turned upside-down as he tries to untangle their crazy, homicidal dilemma.

Elaine Harper: An attractive girl in her twenties, and Mortimer’s fiancée, Elaine is the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Harper, who lives next-door to Abby and Martha. She is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world for a minister's daughter.

Teddy Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster. Teddy is a delightfully certifiable man who is under the happy delusion that he is Theodore Roosevelt.

Jonathan Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster, Jonathan is a psychopath who has had plastic surgery and now looks like Boris Karloff.

Dr. Einstein: A plastic surgeon and an alcoholic, Dr. Einstein has changed Jonathan's face three times.

Officer O'Hara: A police officer, O’Hara is a would-be playwright who pesters Mortimer to read his play.

The Rev. Dr. Harper: Minister and father of Elaine.

Officer Brophy: A pleasant neighborhood police officer.

Officer Klein: Also a pleasant neighborhood police officer, partner to Brophy.

Lieutenant Roony: A tough and dominating police officer, the commanding officer of the precinct.

Mr. Witherspoon: The superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium.

Mr. Gibbs: An elderly man who wishes to rent a room from the Brewster sisters, narrowly escaping poison.